Describe. Find. Snatch!
Board game

It doesn't matter what the name of the thingy you're looking for is.

It matters how it looks and where it is hidden!

the item on the picture among hundreds of other objects

the thingy first if you know the answer!

the hidden item with charades, words, drawings or yes/no questions

Rules of the game
Other players are looking for the given item on the game map.
Be the first one to snatch the Thingy after finding the correct answer.
One player describes the object on the card.
«In Search of the Second Sock»
Anna Vsesvyatskaya
«Stay Awake!»
Oksana Grivina
«Five-story universe»
Anna Vsesvyatskaya
«Happy hell»
Andrey Gordeev
«Happily ever after»
Lala Vaganova
«Panic in Paradise»
Tim Yarzhombek
«Night at the museum»
Ksenia Zdorovets
«Oh my Bosch!»
Varvara Alay
«Watch out for UFOs!»
Sergey Ratnikov
«The Great and Terrible»
Ilya Mitroshin
«Neon Night»
Alexey Rico
«Dinner in the Celestial Empire»
Katya Murysina
Alexander Blosiak
«The Traffic is Terrible»
Zhenya Artemyev
«Three in the Jungle»
Tanya Vaskovskaya
«Mechanical Fish»
Nina Terteryan
Print and color!
You've got a letter
Magician's Hat
Can we play «The thingy» with kids?
Kids will enjoy racing against the clock to find the hidden objects. Simplify the rules a little and go ahead. It's best to take a closer look at the game maps beforehand to ensure that your kid will be comfortable with the images.
How many people are needed for the game?
If there are only 3 players, the game will be a little slow at first. The best number of players is 4-7. If there are 7 of you - play individually; if there are more - divide into 2 teams. For a larger number of players, more sets of game maps will be required.
But we will quickly remember what is where in the pictures, and playing it again will not be interesting.
First of all, we recommend playing on each game map once, then putting it aside, and playing the next game on a new map. Thus, you will return to the first map only after 7 games. Secondly, our own experience shows that after six months, no one remembers anything. We tested it for ourselves when we checked the coordinates of the correct answers.
How many times is the game played?
Around 24 times
Where the hell is your bloody Harry Potter on map №1?!!
Right there
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